QMx brings function to the movie tie-in app

In the increasingly crowded mobile-app space, promotional apps are easily ignored: apps you might download and forget about a few days later, remembering them only to delete them later on. QMx Interactive would like to change all of that with a new sci-fi tie-in.

App Review: Mass Effect Galaxy

title=Mass Effect

For its latest title, EA (s erts) has brought Bioware’s Mass Effect to iPhone. This installment builds on the story from the original critically acclaimed console game.

Set in the same universe as the original console game, Mass Effect Galaxy features a rich story peppered with action-packed gunplay.
As you’d expect with a game set in the Mass Effect universe, the game is driven by a strong plot, leading you from one shoot out to the next. Imagine an episode of 24 set in outer-space featuring feuding alien races, with you as an intergalactic Jack Bauer. Read More about App Review: Mass Effect Galaxy

App Review: The Void — Where No iPhone Has Gone Before

title=The Void

An epic RPG has arrived on the iPhone, featuring battles, leveling up, upgradeable weapons and online features. Forget goblins and warlocks though, The Void takes the adventure to the final frontier.

The gaming section of the App Store has been subject to a serious cute overdose as of late, with Rolando, Topple and even Zombieville USA leading the colorful pack. Now it’s time for everything to get a little darker — a little more Star Wars Episode II — with the release of The Void.
Beaming down to the App Store, The Void is an RPG that aims to blend traditional leveling up with Asteroid-esque space combat. Read More about App Review: The Void — Where No iPhone Has Gone Before

Vid-Biz: Democracy, Fantastic, Parasites

State Department Launches Video Challenge; government agency partners with NBC, the MPAA, USC and more to ask users to submit videos with the theme “Democracy is…” (Democracy Video Challenge)

Fantastic Fest Streaming Some Films Online; sci-fi horror fest to stream five features online for free. (Fantastic Fest Online)

BitTorrent to Be Used for Game Delivery; Aeria Games and IAHGames to integrate BitTorrent DNA delivery service for distribution of MMOGs. (release)

MobiTV Partners with Media Excel; IP video distribution technology company and video encoding company partner to offer mobile video services for mobile and broadband networks. (Wireless Week)

Edgeware Web TV Server to Be Deployed on Maxisat; company says Reflex 2x servers deliver up to 32,768 concurrent video streams over the public Internet, to be used by Finnish digital TV and broadband services firm. (release)

Sci-Fi Shows Storm the Web

Didn’t get enough sci-fi at the recent Comic-Con? Fear not, true believers, soon all you’ll have to do is turn on your PC, as there will be more nerd-friendly series online than you can shake a light saber at.

Below is a sampling of sci-fi shows, some of which are already out, some of which are still in the works, and many of which feature Hollywood talent, writers or studio backing:

  • Gemini Division is a new thriller from NBC starring Rosario Dawson.
  • Trenches is a space war flick from ABC’s Stage9 Digital.
  • Woke Up Dead is a zombie comedy series starring Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).
  • Ark is an upcoming space thriller from 60Frames Entertainment and starring Renee O’Conner of Xena fame.
  • The Awesomes is a superhero series from Seth Meyers of SNL.
  • The Line stars SNL’s Bill Hader as a guy waiting in line for a sci-fi/fantasy flick.

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