Tim Cook hates office politics, loves when you email him

Apple’s CEO gave a long, wide-ranging interview on his first 15 months at the helm of the company. Here’s a quick round up of some of his more interesting comments, including more hints as to why Scott Forstall had to go.

From inside Apple, the Scott Forstall fallout

Scott Forstall, the deposed iOS chief, has been a divisive figure inside Apple. His exit from Apple is likely to have an impact on the company’s stock price when the markets re-open. How are Apple insiders feeling about his exit? I asked a few of my sources.

Make no mistake: it’s Tim Cook’s Apple now

Cook’s decision to let Scott Forstall go from his his position leading iOS software from Apple after a major misstep involving Maps shows that Cook is unafraid to remake Apple into a company that works for him, not just for Steve Jobs.

Hey iPad: 7-inch slates will take 32% of this year’s market

Small slates are expected to account for 32 percent of all tablet sales this year says iHS iSuppli. After nearly two years of saying there’s a market for the 7-inch tablet, it’s good to see the analysts reaffirm my own experiences. Now: Where’s that 7.85-inch iPad?

Apple exec: We should do a 7-inch tablet

Apple executive Scott Forstall was asked to read an email in court Friday sent to him, CEO Tim Cook and others by fellow Apple executive Eddy Cue in January 2011 in which Cue said he believed there was a market for a 7-inch iPad.

Apple Finally on Twitter?

Apple is one of the only major technology companies not to have a clear presence on Twitter. But yesterday Apple Senior VP of iPhone Software Scott Forstall signed up for Twitter and has a “verified account” to show he is indeed the Scott Forstall from Apple.