The Digits blends video and gaming to make math rock for kids

Creator Scotty Iseri describes his new educational interactive web series and app experience as “gamified narrative” — he also approaches it as a start-up. The Digits, available on Android and iOS, frames math concepts for the elementary school set.

How Do You Measure the Value of a Branded Web Series?

In the web series world, creators often rely on brands to get their content funded. But why do brands sign up for these series? And how do they measure their return on investment? We set out to find out.

Merry Holidays, Please Hold Premieres With TED Spoof

This holiday season, customer service start-up Zendesk is sponsoring a web series all about the importance of good customer service, written and directed by Scotty “Got an Office Job” Iseri. The first episode takes aim at one of web video’s most sacred cows.