Chatter builds its social supercontinent with new real-time features

Dave King of Salesforce explains how Chatter’s new real-time chat and screen sharing features fit into the company’s vision of the integrated future of enterprise social by bringing “islands of communication” together to create a social Pangaea with Chatter at its center.

The 5 Apple technologies I’m most thankful for

Apple has done a lot in terms of pushing sometimes marginal technology to the fore, something it may be able to do with NFC soon, too. But narrowing down that list to a few choice selections that stand out above the rest is surprisingly easy.

Lion 101: New Screen Sharing features explained

OS X Lion brings multiple improvements to one of OS X’s most useful and least celebrated built-in elements: screen sharing. Experienced Screen Sharing users may have missed some new features, and if you’ve never tried it, these additions might encourage you to do so.

GoToMeeting gets high-definition video conferencing

ting (s ctxs), a web conferencing solution that we’ve written about previously, has unveiled the ability to create high-definition video conferences. The new service, dubbed HDFaces, allows users to create video conferences with up to six attendees at no additional cost.

Skype 5.2 for Mac brings group screen sharing

Skype 5.2 for Mac, released Tuesday, introduces group screen sharing in addition to group video calling, which has been available since the Skype 5.0 beta for Mac. It’s a good update for pro users, but others might not find it so appealing.

Sales presentation app CrunchConnect adds sharing features

CrunchConnect, a web-based sales presentation and web conferencing platform that’s currently in private beta, has added some new features that provide managers with systems for sharing presentations among workgroups for evaluation and training purposes, and with new tools for tracking the effectiveness of presentations.

Screen Sharing in OS X Lion Allows Multi-User Sessions

A new feature of Mac OS X Lion unearthed by AppleInsider allows remote users to log in to a Mac using a separate account from the one currently being used on that computer, and to see their own distinct desktop and computing environment.

CrunchConnect: Sales-Focused Web Conferencing

CrunchConnect, a new service from SalesCrunch, is entering private beta today, and it’s worth a look. CrunchConnect’s web conferencing and screen sharing system has some useful features, including the option for participants to sign in via LinkedIn, so others can see their profiles.