Retina Display MacBook Pros in 2012? Why it could happen.

The MacBook Pro could get a substantial boost in screen resolution, according to sources upstream in Apple’s supply chain talking to DigiTimes Wednesday. But how likely is it that Apple will actually produce these monster graphical powerhouses in 2012, as reported?

Expert: True Retina Display doesn’t make sense for iPad 3

The latest rumor about the iPad 3 is that it will get a higher resolution display, with claims that it might even be five or six times the resolution of the current iPad. Not likely, say the experts. Why bring a bazooka to a knife fight?

I Took It Off and I Feel Fine

I’ve got both a case and screen protector on my iPhone 3GS, and I used cases and screen protectors for the original iPhone and iPhone 3G as well. But I threw caution to the wind and tore those off.

Apple: Our Screens Don’t Need No Protecting

If you’re of the camp that believes your iPhone or iPod touch’s screen needs some kind of additional protective layer to prevent it from getting damaged, you may want to head to the Apple (s aapl) store soonish to stock up on said accessories. In the very near future, you might not be able to find them, at least not through Apple’s official channels, according to sources speaking to Macworld.

The sources, who are described as Apple accessory makers who want to remain anonymous for fear of arousing Cupertino’s ire, maintain that Apple has informed them it will no longer be carrying any films or covers aimed at protecting iPhone screens from dust or scratches, or even those that claim to prevent glare and ensure privacy.
If the sources are correct, all of these types of accessories will be pulled from the Apple Store, both in its online and physical retail incarnations, as will any other accessories that stick to the surface of Apple devices. The blanket ban on anything adhesive makes sense, since these apparently have a very high return rate because of the difficulty in applying them properly. Read More about Apple: Our Screens Don’t Need No Protecting

Apple Acknowledges, Will Service iMac Screen Color Issues

The 27-inch iMac has not been Apple’s (s aapl) proudest moment. The pricier version of the company’s all-in-one desktop has had more than its share of problems since its launch in October of 2009. Apple has released a number of fixes aimed at getting things back on track, but until recently the Mac maker hadn’t addressed the very vocal complaints of some of its most important customers.

The high-end iMac is the machine of choice for many graphic and photo professionals, so screen color temperature issues is not a problem that can be treated lightly if you expect to maintain the loyalty of one of your core customer groups. Now, according to Gizmodo, Apple has acknowledged the problem, and is telling people to contact Apple Care to get it resolved. Read More about Apple Acknowledges, Will Service iMac Screen Color Issues

Apple’s 27-inch iMac Now 3 Weeks Delayed

Is it a lemon? It’s not a question I like to have to ask about an Apple (s aapl) product, but it’s starting to look like Apple’s problem-plagued 27-inch iMac fits that description. And that’s not just a clever joke I’m making about the yellow screen complaint that seems to be popping up everywhere recently. Even beyond that cosmetic (though no less valid) complaint, the machines just aren’t living up to Apple’s reputation for quality.

Before the holidays, Apple put its foot down and delayed shipment on all new larger iMac orders until after Christmas. The ordering page for the 27-inch machine changed today to three weeks, extending delays further still. Maybe it’s just a backlog resulting from the initial delays, but reports of problems don’t seem to be slowing down, so that doesn’t seem likely. Read More about Apple’s 27-inch iMac Now 3 Weeks Delayed