WWD screencast: How to use Google Calendar appointment slots

Google has rolled out appointment slots, a useful new feature for Google Calendar that allows users to publish available appointment times on a publicly available calendar that other users can then book. Here’s a short screencast showing how to set up appointment slots and how the booking process works.

WWD Screencast: Frame Box

Frame Box is a simple drag-and-drop tool for creating and sharing wireframes, which can be useful during the website design process to illustrate the structure of a page without getting bogged down in the details. I made a short screencast to show you how it works:

Screencast: The Mac App Store in Action

Want to see how the new Mac App Store works but you can’t because you’re at work, using an older version of OS X, or (gasp) a Windows user? Here’s a screencast with a complete rundown of how it looks and works on your Mac.

Video How-To: Uninstall Flash in Mac OS X

In light of the news that having Flash on your system could drastically affect battery life for notebooks, here’s a video showing you how to remove it from OS X if it’s already installed. It takes a little more digging than you might think.

Screencast: New iPhoto and iMovie ’11 Features

iLife ’11 was announced on Wednesday at Apple’s press event. As it was immediately available (and not too expensive), I picked myself up a copy and got straight to checking out the new features. Here’s a peek at some of the suite’s most impressive new abilities.

WWD Screencast: System Ninja

The Web Atom’s System Ninja is a useful free Windows tool for cleaning out the junk that accumulates on your hard drive over time, taking up valuable space and slowing your system down. I made a short screencast to show you how it works:

WWD Screencast: Group Chrome Tabs With Tab Sugar

Firefox-using “taboholics” may have been enjoying Tab Panorama, a feature introduced in Firefox 4b4 that enables users to arrange their tabs into groups. Chrome-using tab addicts may have been a little envious, but they now have Tab Sugar, an extension that replicates Tab Panorama in Chrome.

WWD Screencast: Flowr

I’ve been playing with Flowr over the past couple of days. It’s a collaboration web app that’s a little like having a private Facebook for your company or team. I thought I’d record a short screencast to give you an overview of how it works:

Screencasting: My Setup and Some Tips

A few readers have emailed me commenting on the clarity of our screencasts and asking about the software that I use, so I thought I’d outline my setup and provide some hints and tips for producing clear and easy-to-understand screencasts.