is Fun But Works for Work

Skitch.comI may be a little late to the Skitch party, but I just had to try it out after coming across it last month. For anyone not yet in the know, Skitch is a Mac OS X-only image sharing application that does require that you download an application. Once you get it, Skitch makes the fact that you had to download yet another thing to your computer totally worthwhile. And I’m saying this after using the application for less than ten minutes. I’m already hooked and sold. (Skitch is free, by the way).

Skitch – and it’s Web-based, cross-platform counterpart – is positioned as a “fast and fun image sharing” tool. With its compact Mac app, Skitch makes it easy to take a snapshot of a Web page and share it with others in all the ways you might share an image.

What hit me the moment I watched the short video demo of the application was how incredibly useful could be for the Web development process.

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