LevelUp adds $12M to build out payment service

LevelUp, the local loyalty and payment app, is getting $12 million to expand the service nationwide. The service, which is an offshoot of location start-up SCVNGR, now has 200,000 users, who are spending $2 million a month with the app.

How payment startup LevelUp is taking a page from Starbucks

LevelUp, a loyalty program that built its own Starbucks-style payment system, is now doing $1 million in transactions a month. It’s growing by marrying payments with loyalty and deals. And it’s showing that there will be more payment options that Google Wallet and Isis.

LevelUp adds mobile payments for renewed local deals push

LevelUp, the daily deal play from location-based service SCVNGR, is making another go of it, this time with a credit-based structure that utilizes a new mobile payment system built by SCVNGR. The service is now expanding beyond Boston and Philadelphia to New York and San Francisco.

No more fun and games: Location grows up

As location-based services grow up, we’re seeing that games are not the appealing part of location and increasingly it seems like start-ups are acknowledging that games are tough to build a business on. Gowalla seemed to acknowledge that by killing its virtual items feature today.

American Express flexes its muscles in local deals market

American Express, a 162-year-old financial services company, is marshaling its vast resources in pretty impressive ways to create what could be one of the strongest offerings in the local commerce space. The company said it’s just getting started with partnerships with Facebook, Foursquare and SCVNGR.

SCVNGR Founder Burns His Ships and Takes on Groupon

Alexander the Great set his own warships ablaze just to send the message there was no turning back. Two thousand years later, SCVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch doesn’t want to take over the world — he just wants to “build game layers” on top of it.

SCVNGR Launches LevelUp to Compete With Groupon

SCVNGR is applying game mechanics and a new business model to daily deals in an attempt to strengthen the relationship between merchants and their customers. With LevelUp, merchants offer a series of three deals to consumers, who unlock each one as they try out a business.

Where Will Zynga Go Next?

Last week began with stories that social game maker Zynga was raising $250 million at a valuation north of $7 billion. By the end of the week, the company was close to raising twice that, at a $10 billion figure. Bubble talk aside, why would anyone think Zynga was worth that much?

What Makes SCVNGR So Sticky (Hot Sauce Not Included)

Location is still an acquired taste for a lot of consumers. But the power of location and its ability to bridge the online and the offline worlds are increasingly being realized by start-ups like SCVNGR, which has found success building a game layer over the world.