13th Lab raises $700,000 to build its ‘UI for reality’

Swedish startup 13th Lab has just raised $700,000 from Nordic investors Creandum to help build its augmented reality browser and developer tools for iOS. But forget about tacky versions of AR: this team is trying to build a real interface between the digital and the physical.

Strength in numbers: Sincerely launches iPhone API with 12 partners

Sincerely, the startup best known for the Postagram app, has launched a software platform to let iPhone developers add the company’s “print and ship” functionality into any app. Sincerely took a hit earlier this week when consumer electronics giant Apple announced its own Postagram-like app.

App beta testing gets better with new TestFlight SDK

Developers looking to beta test their iOS apps have a number of options for finding and communicating with beta testers, but few are as slick and easy to use as TestFlight. Now it’s even better, thanks to a new SDK that made its official debut Monday.

Microsoft Kinect SDK set to advance user interfaces

Microsoft’s Kinect is clearly a top seller for games, but early hacks show it to be a device capable of far more beyond interactive gaming. Microsoft agrees, today releasing an official software development kit that could be used to further bridge the physical and computing worlds.

Opera Pushes HTML5 Web Apps For Connected Devices

Opera is trying to make it easier for content companies to get their video on connected TVs and other devices. With the launch of a new content development kit, publishers will be able to build standards-based web apps that will be accessible across multiple devices.

Syabas Launches Popbox SDK, Opens App Center

Syabas Technology, better know as the maker of the Popcorn Hour set-top box, is officially launching the SDK for its upcoming Popbox device today. The Popbox SDK will allow developers to build Flash lite apps that can be distributed through the device’s app center. Popbox marketing lead Jeff Reine told me yesterday during a phone conversation that he expects Flash games as well as social apps to be very popular on the platform.
Syabas wants to attract developers to its platform by making it easy to convert existing Flash widgets. At the same time, the
company is exposing some advanced functionality like the ability to write files and access data stored on the local Intranet. “We give you access to everything that the box can do,” said Reine.
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iPhone Development Alternatives: Code Without Objective-C

Apple has gone to great lengths to allow anybody who wants to, the ability to develop and sell their very own app. I appreciate this but I’ve never programmed in Objective-C before and I’m not sure if I want to learn. So I started looking around for alternative ways to create an iPhone app.

iPad SDK Mining a Big Tease, But Let’s Stay Level-headed

After the rumor-fest surrounding Apple’s mystery device was stanched the moment Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, a new trend has emerged; SDK Mining. This is the art of digging through the iPad’s operating system to uncover clues about hitherto-undisclosed functionality.

Since the iPad and iPhone SDKs are so very close in core functionality, SDK Miners have been trying to unearth something (anything!) we didn’t already know about the iPad. I suspect most people simply glance over these reports, shrug, and move on without comment. After all, we’re a bit tired of tablet rumors by now, right? But looking at some of the comments in the articles (linked below), there are some people who take it all very seriously indeed. And that’s probably a mistake, as I’ll explain shortly.

Before I do, here’s a quick rundown of what we think we know so far from the SDK Mining that has happened in the last five weeks. Read More about iPad SDK Mining a Big Tease, But Let’s Stay Level-headed

iPad Development Made Easy

Alongside the army of consumers and tech pundits waiting for a peek of the aptly named iPad, the over 25,000 strong development community have been patiently standing on the sidelines too.

Taking several leaps forward in terms of its processing power and onboard hardware, the device includes Apple’s (s aapl) own chip, said Jobs, “It’s called the A4, and it screams.” Most exciting for developers with iPhone apps already on sale is that Apple has made the transition up to iPad as smooth as possible. Read More about iPad Development Made Easy