Sean Parker’s AirTime relaunched as OkHello, and nobody noticed
Sean Parker’s video chat startup AirTime quietly pulled off a relaunch last year, and no one noticed, until now: Erin Griffith over at Fortune reported Tuesday that the AirTime team is behind OkHello, a group video chat app. The main difference to AirTime, aside from a focus on mobile? This one may actually be working, and attracting real users – even without splashy press events.

Like Color, time for Airtime to get off the air

In today’s attention starved world, if you miss the chance to make an impression, people move onto something new. Doesn’t matter who you were and how much money you have in the bank – users decide who wins or loses. Airtime & Color are finding it out.

Spotify could have browser-based version coming soon

Apps are old-school: on the desktop anyway. Launching a browser-based version of its popular music service could let Spotify reach more users and allow people to access its services from multiple locations.

Video chat startup Lutebox dumps plan A, goes shopping

What do you do when Google and Sean Parker kill your idea? Change direction. That’s what Ali Ahmed and his videochat startup Lutebox have done, switching from the idea of helping people chat about premium videos to focusing on social shopping.

Should Snoop Dogg launch your startup? Your mileage may vary

Two video chat programs launched to the public this week, but Airtime premiered with Snoop Dogg and JImmy Fallon, while Nyoombl barely made a splash. The two strategies pose an interesting question for the startup world — how much initial buzz do you need for success?

Airtime: not enough there to make me care

Today’s launch event for Airtime, the Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning social video chat service, was a good representation of the product it was showcasing: the star-studded event was not well planned and showy without enough depth. Airtime can still succeed but it needs more substance.

Fanning & Parker to launch Airtime: Here’s what we know

Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker are back: The Napster co-founders will launch their social video chat startup Airtime with a press event in New York Tuesday after quietly operating in stealth mode for some months. Here’s what we already know about Airtime.