Post AT&T tryst, T-Mobile’s decline continues

After showing signs of shaking the AT&T merger specter, T-Mobile is shedding customers again, posting a 205,000 subscriber loss in the second quarter. T-Mobile has shrunk by about 400,000 subscribers in the last year while all of its competitors have grown.

As Nextel mass exodus begins, Sprint reels customers back in

Sprint saw 1 million Nextel and Boost customers kick their phones to the curb in Q2. But Sprint managed to steer 600,000 of those departing subscribers to CDMA contracts or its prepaid brands. Helped by steady iPhone sales and its MVNO business, Sprint managed to grow.

AT&T smartphone rampage continues with help from Apple

Though AT&T’s smartphone penetration is well over 60 percent, it keeps activating new smart devices at a rapid clip. AT&T remained the carrier of choice for iPhone customers. It added 3.7 million iPhones in the second quarter, 22 percent of which came from competitors.

The Rebound Begins: Cleantech Gets More Cash in Q2

Cleantech investment is on the rise again, according to two reports released this week, hitting $1.2 billion in the second quarter. “Cleantech venture investment has rebounded moderately after free-falling for two consecutive quarters,” said Brian Fan, senior director of research for the Cleantech Group, in a press release. Other signs of recovery include more mergers and acquisitions, as well as increased solar tax equity, he said.

The Cleantech Group, which tracks deals in North America, Europe, China and India, said Wednesday that cash was distributed among more companies, too: 94 compared with 82 in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Greentech Media put the number of deals in the second quarter at 85 vs. 59 in the first.
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