i.TV snaps up GetGlue in a reported all-stock transaction

Second-screen startup i.TV has bought its better-known, but not that much more popular rival GetGlue. i.TV announced the transaction Wednesday, and Variety is reporting that the deal was all stock, and “far less than the $24 million GetGlue had raised from investors.” The acquisition continues a trend of consolidation in the second-screen space that now also has network executives question the value of these kinds of apps.

Netflix has big plans for the second screen

Netflix is getting ready to let users control the playback on their TV with their mobile phones. The company recently added support for such AirPlay-like features to the PS3, and is now looking to extend support to a number of other connected devices.

Dijit’s new NextGuide tries to reinvent the TV guide on the iPad

Dijit is reinventing itself as a social TV guide with a new iPad app dubbed NextGuide that mixes live TV recommendations with results from Netflix and Hulu. The app is based on lessons it learned with its previous second-screen remote control application.