Bitcoin Trust the big winner in US Marshals’ auction

Of the 50,000 bitcoins up for auction, the Bitcoin Investment Trust bidding syndicate walked away with 48,000 of them. The US Marshals’ Service confirmed that the syndicate, which includes the Bitcoin Trust and the trading division of Barry Silbert’s SecondMarket, won the majority but would not disclose the winning price. Tim Draper, who swept June’s auction, pocketed the remaining 2,000 bitcoin. Last week’s auction of the bitcoin seized from Silk Road’s alleged operator drew low numbers — only 11 registered bidders participated, and now we know two of them.

Cleantech VC and the state of the IPO market

Of greatest concern is that as financing for cleantech gets tight, the brightest startups will struggle to find early stage capital and those companies nearing the path to commercialization will find it hard to find scaling capital.

The Secondary Market is Hot Hot Hot!

With technology stars like Facebook, Zynga and Twitter holding off on IPOs, it’s meant even more business for private stock markets like SecondMarket. The trading service said transactions in the fourth quarter hit $157.8 million, more the doubling the $75 million recorded from the third quarter.

In Private, Facebook Valuation Up 42%

Employee shares of Facebook are selling for $21 on SecondMarket, valuing the social network’s common stock at $9.5 billion, Bloomberg is reporting today. That’s up 42 percent in the past four months, which SecondMarket takes to mean that an IPO is nigh, but could also just reflect Facebook’s recent announcement that it’s cash-flow positive. And $9.5 billion doesn’t include the preferred shares issued to investors. Read More about In Private, Facebook Valuation Up 42%