What’s it like being a Y Combinator startup?

While many startups want in to Y Combinator, few are selected. Eric Frenkiel, co-founder and CEO of MemSQL shares some tips on applying to the program, what it’s like once your company is in, and the truth about those YC dinners.

How to keep friendships long past your startups

Working with your friends isn’t always easy, but Satish Dharmaraj and Scott Dietzen have found a way to do it for the past 15 years. Part of their secret, they say, is checking their egos at the door and taking a hollistic approach to the business.

Being too clever can be a product killer

If you think you’re being ever-so-clever with a product feature, that should be a red flag, according to Hall.com CEO and co-founder, Brett Hellman. In his experience, one developer’s clever is typically another user’s confusion.

OpenDNS CEO: Security isn’t that hard

Mat Honan’s “epic hacking” isn’t just a cautionary tale for everyday folks, it’s a good lesson for startup founders as well. In this video interview, OpenDNS CEO, David Ulevitch explains why good security practices need to be baked into the company from the beginning.

How founders can work with incoming CEOs (and vice versa)

When it’s time for a founder to relinquish control to an outside CEO, that relationship doesn’t have to be a contentious one. Jim Scullion was brought on to be CEO of Bunchball and explains how to form a partnership that helps the business reach the next level.

Deal with poor performers now [video]

As OpenDNS grows past 100 employees, founder and David Ulevitch realized that not every employee is suited for the next phase of the company. In this video interview, he explains why it’s important to deal with poor performers and not waste time on people who waste time.

Want to hire the right team? Exhaust your interviewees

Want to hire the right people every time? Inkling co-founder and CEO, Matt MacInnis, says it comes down to making sure each person you add perpetuates your company’s values. Oh, and asking them questions when they are super tired helps too.

Why Crowdtilt sent out 1,000 handwritten thank you notes [video]

In a world overcrowded with posts, pokes, texts and tweets, the best way to connect with a customer could be entirely analog. Crowdtilt co-founder James Beshara talks about how his startup sent out 1,000 handwritten thank you notes, and why he’d do it again.