MindSnacks CEO: “Shut up and listen,” the importance of empathy

Do you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Not literally, of course, but are you able to step our of your hectic workday and really imagine what it’s like for someone to use your product? MindSnacks CEO, Jesse Pickard believes empathy is an important and overlooked trait for entrepreneurs.

Localmind CEO on how to make habit-forming products

How many apps on your phone do you use on a daily basis? Moving your product from a novelty to a habit is tricky, but Localmind CEO, Lenny Rachitsky thinks he’s found a way to make it happen and open up in this video interview.

Steve Blank on small startups, big execution & Steve Jobs

When serial-entrepreneur-turned-college-professor Steve Blank talks entrepreneurship, people listen. His new book, The Startup Owner’s Manual is bound for CEO bookshelves everywhere. Blank talked with us about the current and future state of entrepreneurship, the myth of Steve Jobs, and more.

Gumroad’s CEO on great design and advice for young entrepreneurs

Sahil Lavingia has a gift for building what people want. His resume reveals work with Pinterest, Turntable.fm, and now he’s founded Gumroad, a startup empowering people to sell anything to anyone. He sat down to share his thoughts on a wide range of topics.

How to hire a killer product launch team

In this video Q&A, Daniel Raffel shares how he assembled the right team to build and launch Snapguide, a mobile app. He also shared what he learned working for famous chef, Thomas Keller. It is must see TV for startup founders.

From a founder: How to run product iterations

VIDEO: Jetpac and Dipity founder, Derek Dukes sat down on camera for the first episode of our new video show “See Founders Run.” Dukes shares how he runs product cycles in his company and how to tell when iterations become pivots.