Seedrs opens: Dragons’ Den crowdfunding for startups

After a long gestation period, crowd investment platform Seedrs has finally opened its doors — allowing British startups to use its platform to pitch for early stage funding. And so far things appear to be going well.

Meet the Q&A site where people pay $150 for answers

Forget Quora: Swedish startup Mancx is trying to put a twist on question and answer sites by getting people to pay real money for the information they receive — and it’s just raised another $1.65m to expand.

Today in Cloud

Props to dinCloud, a hosted virtual desktop provider for closing a round of seed funding in a market that few are convinced will make it to the mainstream. Bandwidth, latency, security and back end storage issues make serving up desktops from a third-party datacenter a complex proposition. But dinCloud says its winning customers, at least in certain verticals where a stripped down, basic desktop will do for many users.

So, is venture money drying up or blowing up?

One report says venture capital firms are investing more now than in recent years, but another says startups aren’t seeing enough money. So is the system healthy or sick? Perhaps it depends on where you think investors should be putting their cash — and why.

AwayFind closes seed funding and comes to Google Apps

AwayFind, the email productivity app that lets users get alerts when they receive important messages, is getting serious about business — its own, and others. The San Francisco startup has announced a new version specifically for businesses and the closure of its round of seed funding.

Seed funded startups ripe for shakeout, VCs say

Individual seed investors have been an increasingly powerful force in Silicon Valley’s startup funding landscape. But some venture capital heavyweights say that while the VC industry has been shaken up by the increase of seed backers, the current environment will likely lead to a fall.

The looming Series B funding crash

Much is being made lately of a potential new bubble forming in the tech industry. But some say things aren’t quite as frothy as they’re being made out to be. Many of today’s most well-funded startups may soon find themselves without necessary second round investors.

Rebranded Ignite100 wants to set Euro startups on fire

To take on more established accelerator programs, British startup bootcamp The Difference Engine has changed its identity and stumped up a tantalizing reward: more than $150,000 in funding for the 10 startups who make the cut. Can it spur on a new generation of European innovation?

Bullpen Capital’s New Fund Will Rise Above the Angels

Bullpen Capital thinks there’s a lot of need and opportunity investing in what Union Square Ventures Managing Partner Fred Wilson called, “the mess.” The new fund is looking to give start-ups the additional support they need as they move from seed round to more traditional funding.