Sega-Hasbro: Crank up your iPod with Ampbot the dancing Robot

Imagine having a robot that carries your iPod, dances, and chases you around the house? Almost sounds as though you’ve stepped into the future where robots rule. If you like gadgets check out the one Sega-Hasbro has created. It’s an A.M.P (Automated Music Personality) or Ampbot. In other words it’s a musical robot.

The Ampbot was recently released at the Tokyo Toy Show. It’s not a new concept Sega Toys has released similar devices over the years; however, none of them have been as advanced as the Ampbot.

Ampbot is 2.4 feet tall two-wheeled wonder. It features a MP3 cradle on its back. It’s a perfect place to store your iPod. What’s interesting is that Ampbot will follow you around. Osamu Takeuchi of Sega Toys says, “The owner can also enjoy being chased around the house by the robot.” Oh great, my dogs and ferrets already do that now I have another shadow. Somehow the thought of a 2.4 foot robot following me around the house isn’t appealing. I know my five-year old daughter would get a big kick out of it, however after the novelty wore off she would be trying to figure out a way to get it to stop following her.

If you successfully escape Ampbot’s stalking, you’ll still hear your music blasting from its speakers. Which is a good thing it’s the reason you bought it in the first place, right? So it can play music stored on your iPod, right?  Ampbot comes equipped with 5-inch mid range speakers that are located in its chest. You’ll also find a pair of small tweeters located on its shoulders giving it a total output of 12 watts.

The Ampbot needs a lot of juice. Be prepared to stock it with 6X D and 3X AAA batteries. I would suggest investing in  rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to keep purchasing them? That’s what we use in my home. The batteries will give you about 10 hours of continuous music.

Ampbot will make its appearance in November 2008 just in time for Christmas. Cough up $500 and the musical robot is yours.