Let’s build a semantic web by creating a Wikipedia for relevancy

The relevancy-defining, edge-weighting algorithms of Google’s Knowledge Graph, Facebook’s Open Graph and Gravity’s Interest Ontology are closely guarded company secrets. Imagine if that data was available to everyone — it would be as disruptive as Amazon Web Services. The internet would be a better place.

Silk scores $1.6m to build its own semantic web

The Dutch technology company has spent the last few years building a web app that lets anyone run fast, deep searches on semantic data. Now it’s scored a seed round from NEA and Atomico to start turning its early work into a fully-featured product.

Kasabi shuts down, says data marketplace ‘too slow’

Kasabi, a platform that hosted and published linked data, is closing down after owners Talis Systems said the market was growing too slowly to be sustainable — saying that ‘it’s time to admit that Kasabi is not getting the traction we thought it would’

Meet Silk, the Semantic Web for the rest of us

New Dutch cloud service Silk, which is launching today, wants to fulfill the promise of the Semantic Web and make your documents, web pages and files more powerful — and with a few fixes, it could get there.

Say goodbye to search and hello to BrainSpace

PureDiscovery, a Dallas-based big data startup, thinks it has the has the answer to outdated enterprise search technology, and it’s called BrainSpace. Its goal is to let users find information that matters without having to search for it, to bring data to users.