Will Video Replace the Sunday Circular?

The newspaper industry has been battered over recent years, as people migrate their reading online and sites like Craigslist steal classified dollars. Now newspapers may need to defend another revenue stream — the Sunday circular — as Office Depot has decided to take some of the money it spends on the stalwart print ad format and shift it to online video.
Circulars, or free-standing inserts, are the colorful collection of ads stuffed inside the Sunday edition of newspapers. (They’re perfect for lining bird cages.) MediaPost reports that Office Depot, which typically spends “hundreds of millions of dollars” on print circular ads each year, will shift some of that money into an online circular that features video, community and commerce — something a print publication can’t do.

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Netbook Screens Continue to Grow as does the Market

Asus Eee PC S121

Asus S121

There’s an interesting phenomenon going on right now and I’m still trying to get my head around it. Netbooks originally offered a new product choice: full laptop features with a 7-inch display. That screen proved to be a bit small for some and also didn’t provide enough room for an efficient keyboard. So netbooks moved up to 8.9-inch displays and higher resolution.  Ten-inch displays quickly followed, which brings you closer to the 12- and 13-inch small notebook segment. But things didn’t stop there, did they?

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