GreenPeak: Battery-Free Sensor Networks Ramping Up in the U.S.

Batteries are the barrier to more buildings having wireless sensor networks that can help cut energy consumption, GreenPeak CEO and founder Cees Links says. Sensor networks need power to run, but batteries have a limited life and need regular maintenance, which adds to the cost and inconvenience of adopting a nascent technology. That’s why GreenPeak thinks its technology is so valuable: the Netherlands-based startup is pushing its battery-free wireless chips and network hardware that rely on harnessing tiny amounts of energy from things like movement or solar.

And Links tells us that the company is making a major push into the U.S. market, which he explains “has a growing awareness of energy being a precious resource.” GreenPeak says it has established relationships with several U.S. systems integrators and distributors, and is actively looking to work with more large consumer-electronics makers to get its technology designed into wireless sensor systems in the U.S market. The company is a fabless semiconductor company, which means its chip designs need to be integrated into the building blocks of the network.
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