Khan Academy goes global with crowdsourced subtitles

Salman Khan’s popular educational videos can now be watched with subtitles in up to two dozen different languages, thanks to a cooperation between the Khan Academy and Universal Subtitles. Adding captions not only widens Khan’s audience, it could also help to avoid future legal challenges.

Why Matt Drudge Still Beats Mark Zuckerberg

The Drudge Report drives more traffic to news sites than Facebook and Twitter combined, according to a Pew Research Center report. Maybe it’s time to acknowledge Matt Drudge not only as a powerful media presence but also as a great web entrepreneur.

YouTube Launches Live Captions at Google I/O

The Google I/O live video stream will be accessible to hearing-impaired viewers and search engine crawlers alike, thanks to a new live captions feature unveiled by YouTube today. The feature combines manual transcription with automatic translation and will be available to any YouTube Live partner.