To live and die in public: That’s Twitter

Twitter is making its debut on the public markets and with that the fortunes of its founders, employees and many of its investors will change. As it crosses into adulthood, Twitter and its new owners need to remember this one thing — Twitter is us!

The grand ambitions of Google Ventures

Google Ventures is looking to become one of the top-tier VC firms in Silicon Valley, and hiring high-profile partners is part of the path to the top.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

First the New York Times rankles Facebook and then they release a new feed redesign; technology is making people richer, though not as many billionaires; Time runs out for Time Inc.; some VCs have problems & Spotify has more new competition; and a few stories we recommend.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason fired, Google CEO Sergey Brin feels emasculated by phones but not by nerd glasses and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is putting an end to remote work. Plus Oscars & Fashion. Here is our take on the week that was!

The technological imperative: An excerpt from The Battle for the Books

In the latest GigaOM Book, Jeff John Roberts provides an in-depth look at the twists and turns behind Google’s attempt to digitize the world’s books. This excerpt examines why the company took on the project, which promised minimal financial benefit but plenty of legal headaches.