Uberpaper aims to kill the echo chamber of social news

Personalized algorithms and social recommendations are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to getting news, these technologies can create an echo chamber, where our existing beliefs are reflected back to us. Uberpaper, a new site from Dmitry Shapiro, wants to combat that.

Hammer Time! Founder MC ‘breaks it down’ anew.

This morning we have a great interview that Om recently conducted with MC Hammer — yes, that MC Hammer. The one-time icon of 1980’s hip hop, who faded from the music scene in the 1990’s to become a preacher, is now a founder.

In a classic YouTube-play, Hammer’s new venture, DanceJam, publishes amateur dance videos. Hammer hopes to do for dancers what American Idol has done for singers, grant them exposure, and the potential dream of discovery.

Hammer talks with Om about the art of reinventing yourself, the discipline of constantly extending your creativity to new markets (a la Richard Branson, whom Hammer admires), and how he kept going through the hard times — something every serial entrepreneur will eventually need to learn.

“The reinventing process is probably innate to a serial entrepreneur. You’re always continuing to invent and create. It also comes from being an artist. How you market that to others is what is perceived as your reinvention,” says Hammer.

For more from Founder MC, check out Liz’s interview with him on this weeks’ edition of The GigaOM Show.