What are Boxee’s upcoming mystery products?

Boxee revealed in a filing with the FCC this week that it’s working on additional products that could be used as alternatives to traditional cable set-top boxes. What does the company have up its sleeve? We can only guess — but, hey, that’s fun too!

Sezmi says goodbye. Here’s why.

Sezmi has hit the deadpool from a consumer perspective. The company will stop offering its combination over-the-air broadcast and streaming service to consumers, focusing on selling its hardware to operators instead. The decision comes after finding little customer adoption, despite raising some $71 million.

Vid-Biz: Roku, Google, Sezmi

Today on the Net: Roku CEO Anthony Wood says sales of its broadband set-top boxes doubled after Apple TV entered the market with a competing product, Google poached Paramount SVP of digital distribution Malik Ducard for its content team and Sezmi keeps kicking without cable content.

Sezmi to Power Malaysian OTT Video Service

Sezmi, which offers up a combination over-the-air and online video product, will reportedly power a video service being offered up by Malaysian telco YTL Communications. The service will enable YTL to deploy video services without having to invest in a local cable plant in Malaysia.

Sezmi Investors Pour In Another $17.3M

Over-the-top cable alternative Sezmi has raised an additional $17.3 million, according to SEC documents filed late last week. The latest funding comes on top of $25 million it raised last fall, as the startup expands the availability of its offerings to new markets across the U.S.

Vid-Biz: Amazon 99-Cent Shows, Sezmi, Vimeo

Today on the Net: Amazon is reportedly taking a loss on TV shows that it priced at 99 cents to compete with Apple TV, Sezmi has struck a deal to sell its set-top box on Amazon.com and Vimeo’s traffic has doubled over the past six months.

Sezmi Now Available In 36 Markets

Sezmi is now available to new users across the U.S., with expanding availability of its product to 36 markets nationwide. Positioned as a way for consumers to cut their cable, Sezmi brings in live broadcast TV content as well as online video from sites like YouTube.

Sezmi Expands to New Markets — But Is Anyone Buying?

Sezmi, after a successful launch in LA, is making its service available in 10 new markets, giving customers access to a mix of over-the-air broadcast content and broadband video content in one set-top box. But how many consumers will pay $299, plus another $5 a month?

Is Sezmi Set to Shake Up the Cable Industry?

Could Sezmi disrupt the cable industry with a set-top box that blends broadcast and broadband content for a fraction of what people currently pay for cable services? We’ll soon find out, as it will finally begin selling its video product commercially, starting immediately in the Los Angeles area.

The two-part Sezmi system consists of an HD Media Recorder that organizes a mix of live, recorded, on-demand and online content, and can store up to 1,400 hours of programming, in addition to an over-the-air receiver that brings in broadcast and cable signals.

The Sezmi hardware costs $299 and will go on sale exclusively in Best Buy (s BBY) locations throughout the Los Angeles area, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County and Riverside County. The commercial launch follows a 1,000-person trial that Sezmi launched in the same area last November.

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