Location-based gaming lands $325K funding round for Massive Damage

Massive Damage, the company behind Please Stay Calm, has secured $325,000 in a angel funding round to support the growth of its location-based gaming platform. Please Stay Calm, the studio’s freshman project, uses real-world surroundings to set the scene for a zombie apocalypse.

Shadow Cities finds that mobile gaming is surprisingly stationary

Grey Area co-founder and CEO Ville Vesterinen, at GigaOM’s Mobilize 2011 on Tuesday, discussed a growing trend: location-based gaming. One of the company’s most significant discoveries about mobile games has to do with how little they seem to actually be played on the run.

Shadow Cities casts location gaming spell over Europe

Shadow Cities sounds like a car crash of trendy ideas — an iPhone game that uses your location and network to draw a playing surface onto the real world. In fact the game, which has just added 13 territories in Europe, is great fun.

iPad May Be Magical. Apps Aren’t. Here’s Why.

Steve Jobs called it magical. Fast-forward to today, and I (and about 15 million others) agree. However, if iPad, the device, is more magical, the applications (apps) for the device are anything but. Where are the apps befitting the device and its hardware capabilities?