Report: Better Place to file for bankruptcy

If Better Place files for bankruptcy in a few days, as reported by Fortune, it would represent a sober end to a high-flying dream that raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Shai Agassi says he still believes in the Better Place model

In the same week that Better Place has exited the U.S. and Australia to focus on Israeli and Denmark, Better Place founder and former CEO Shai Agassi says he still believes in the business model of swappable batteries and subscriptions for electrons.

Better Place CEO departs, following Shai Agassi’s exit

Better Place is once again changing up its CEO, and after three months at the helm, Evan Thornley is stepping down. Founder and former CEO Shai Agassi stepped down in October, amid mounting losses and slow uptake of the electric car service.

Better Place raising $100M more in the wake of Agassi departure

Electric car charging startup Better Place continues to raise money from its investors — particularly Israel Corp — as it seeks to finish building out its networks in Denmark and Israel. The company is raising another $100 million on top of its previously raised $750 million.

Shai Agassi steps down as CEO of Better Place

The CEO of electric vehicle charging company Better Place, Shai Agassi, will step down as CEO and is being replaced with Evan Thornley, formerly the CEO of Better Place Australia. The company needs to make money and the initial roll out has been slow.

Better Place delivers first electric cars in Israel

Four years after Better Place CEO Shai Agassi announced the startup would build out its first electric vehicle charging network in Israel, this past weekend, Better Place delivered its first 10 cars in Israel to employees at businesses.

PHOTOS: Better Place Gearing Up for Israel Launch

Electric car infrastructure startup Better Place has spent the past three years talking about its vision of selling electric car miles like cell phone minutes, accompanied by a network of chargers and battery swap stations. Now it’s getting ready to deliver in Israel.

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