What T-Mobile threat? Verizon keeps on growing

Of all of the mobile operators that T-Mobile is challenging with its Un-carrier strategy, Verizon is the most traditional of them all. But as Verizon’s Q4 earnings show, it’s a model that still works.

How AT&T learned from Verizon’s shared-data mistakes

When Verizon announced its new shared-data plans, it should have enjoyed a big advantage over its archrival AT&T. Consumers had been demanding the right to pool data, and Verizon was the first carrier to deliver. Instead, Verizon fumbled, and AT&T has picked up the ball.

AT&T’s new sharing plans optional, undercut Verizon on price

AT&T revealed the shared data plans it’s been hinting at for so long. The new pricing structure looks very similar to the shared tiers Verizon announced last month with two key differences: AT&T’s plans are optional for new and existing customers, and they’re slightly cheaper.