Shhhh, Huddle gets funding from CIA-backed In-Q-Tel

In-Q-Tel which finds and vets strategic technology for use by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, has given a boost (and some money) to Huddle, the UK provider of cloud collaboration services. Together they”re working on a version for use by US government entities.

Microsoft opens Office and SharePoint up to web developers

With the next release of Office and SharePoint, developers can build add-ons that run in Windows Azure (or Amazon, or other clouds.) A bigger question is when Office and SharePoint themselves will make the transition into Microsoft’s multi-billion-dollar cloud. Microsoft still isn’t saying.

Box’s Levie: Google Drive not a competitor

Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of Box, said even with the long-awaited arrival of Google Drive, he still doesn’t see Google as a competitor. That’s because he sees Box as more of a collaboration platform that happens to have storage making Microsoft more of a rival.

Social networking goes to work

As trots out the integration of its social networking-oriented HR tools into CRM and Chatter, Microsoft is touting new research about why companies need to have workplace-oriented social tools. One problem: Some of these tools are more annoying than useful.

Microsoft takes on Google Apps, finally launches Office 365

Microsoft has now launched Office 365, its suite of collaboration and office tools that aims to take on Google Apps for Business. But with a product that costs more than Google’s offering and is coming much later to market, will Office 365 be a success? adds social collaboration tools to Outlook 3.0, is an Outlook add-on that’s adding new social and collaboration features. The new “people” tab in the sidebar lets users see colleagues’ profiles and availability, displays an activity stream, and lets workers call, chat or videoconference directly.

Microsoft Tries to Get Collaborative in the Cloud With Office 365

Microsoft has launched the public beta of Office 365, an online suite of collaboration and office tools aimed at small businesses. It includes access to Office Web Apps, plus access to hosted versions of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online.

Readying SharePoint For Teleworking

Microsoft SharePoint is an accepted enterprise standard for online collaboration, but unfortunately many organizations don’t use it to its fullest potential. If you’re preparing a telework pilot program, ensure that your SharePoint implementation is set up and optimized to support and assist your teleworkers.