NewsCred gets $25M to expand its growing media tech empire

Is NewsCred a news company or an ad company or a software service? The answer is all three. That, along with its partnerships with names like the New York Times and P&G, is a big reason to take notice of the young company.

The values-driven startup

Dave Kashen of Quantum Leading calls for a change in startup culture. He believes that when we operate according to our core values and principles, in pursuit of a vision for the future that inspires us, we maximize our individual and collective well-being.

Startups, get ready to hack the future of TV in NYC, which takes place September 10 and 11 in New York City, will bring together startups and developers in the online video and connected TV space. The event is focused on creating applications to advance content and distribution in the new digital living room.

Which Ad Networks Will Strike Out With Facebook’s Updated Ad Guidelines?

facebook-logo Facebook continued to crack down on ad networks this week by updating its advertising guidelines. Starting August 3, ad networks must receive authorization from Facebook to run ads that contain user data, such as names and profile pictures, the company said in a blog post. Facebook’s actions were spurred by recent claims from its users that the social network was letting advertisers post pictures of them without their permission.
The social network’s new authorization policy will shake up the ecosystem of ad networks, as some may not meet Facebook’s standards and will have to change their business models or risk being suspended from the platform. Read More about Which Ad Networks Will Strike Out With Facebook’s Updated Ad Guidelines?