Vid-Biz: Open Market, Sharing, MyToons

Hollywood Studios Band Together for “Open Market;” initiative is a set of policy decisions and software and services framework to enable DRM interoperability. (TechCrunch)

New Research Looks at Online Video “Super Sharers;” Sharpe Partners reports that 75 percent of super sharers find ways to skip ads, and video isn’t about creative expression as much as it’s about sharing real life experiences. (MarketWatch)

CNET Gets a Redesign; videos are now embeddable!

MyToons Partners with Vuze; animation community to provide vintage animation channel for the BitTorrent video network. (release)

I-Rights to Distribute Do You Believe Me?; new online series from producers of Sofia’s Diary is about a 17-year old girl with recurring nightmares. (C21Media)

Nielsen: 114.5 Million TV Households for 2008 – 2009 Season; increase of 1.5 percent over last year. (release)

Introducing GigaOM Daily

This past weekend at Word Camp 2008, we announced GigaOM Daily, a Twitter-style micro-newswire that is going to take editorial inputs from our team and our growing network of blogs. Some might call it the Twitterization of news. If you want to be super-simplistic, then you also can think of it as a constantly updating LiveBlog.

Inspired by the thinking behind Dave Winer’s concept of “river of news,” it is a reflection of the changing nature of news in our time-constrained life. Many of our readers and sources have lamented that they have to read the full story when the real information can be wrapped up in two lines. At the same time, I was finding that my growing network on Twitter was feeding me more interesting stories to read than I could find myself.

So why not combine the two and come up with a live microblog-based newswire? Bloomberg, Reuters and Dow Jones have been using headline and news alerts forever. Except now we can do this on the Internet, using an open source platform (WordPress) and some clever hackery. (More details, along with notes about current and future features, below the fold.)

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Create a WiFi Hotspot – Share Your Internet Connection in Leopard

In the last few weeks I’ve been in a situation twice where only one person had Internet access (me) and needed to share it with other people or devices. The first time we were at a convention center and only had wired internet access at the booth. We had several iPhones we needed to use to display a website (we were demoing a new mobile website). The second time our wireless router went out in the office and only a handful of computers are running on a hard-wired ethernet connection.

In both cases, we needed to access the Internet and having a Mac saved the day. It was extremely simple and quick to share my internet connection on my MacBook Pro using built-in features in Mac OS X.

To share an internet connection over Airport, you will need to be connected to the internet by either a wired ethernet connection or by a cellular card. I used a Verizon V740 card to share the internet connection at the convention and hard-wired ethernet connection at the office when our router went out.

So how do you share your Internet connection using Mac OS X? See the tutorial below, or take a look at the video.
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BookMooch: Lessons in solving the problem of ‘free.’

All this talk of “free” being the future of business sure has people nervous. Small wonder. You got into the startup thing to make money! But the concept of ‘free’ is hip, and aint’ going away anytime soon. This is creating new and very real burdens for young founders — how do you manage and grow a business built on a model of giving things away for nothing? Well, today I got a bunch of tips on how to make ‘free’ pay, from a serial entrepreneur who is doing it.

I attended the monthly High Tech Lunch in Berkeley, California where the guest speaker was John Buckman, the founder of Lyris and later, Magnatune, both of which are still going. John’s current startup, called, founded in August 2006, is an exchange site where readers swap books from their home libraries with one another — for free.

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Coffee break- jkOnTheRun is everywhere and it’s scary

Coffee_manAh, finally a break in my busy week and I’m sitting in a Starbucks underneath the world’s loudest speaker but even so it’s all good.  I have been running full speed all week and it feels good to sit down and do what I really love, blog!  I have to share something that happened this morning that was so cool and at the same time so unexpected it shocked me.  You have to realize that I keep my online career totally separate from my "real" career, I don’t even tell people I meet in my real job that I have a blog or anything.  It’s something I have always done and I feel more comfortable keeping it separate (stealth blogging, anyone?).

Imagine my surprise first thing this morning when I arrive at the first meeting of the day and walk into the guy’s office to review some stuff on his workstation.  What do I see on his PC?  Nothing other than jkOnTheRun and the video about the Gates and Jobs showing that Kevin posted this morning!  He’d been watching it while waiting for me, turns out he’s a fan of the site and had recently figured out I am JK.  Totally cool and yet now that my cover is blown I have to be vewy, vewy caweful.

AT&T’s IP-Centrex

AT&T has entered the increasingly crowded IP-Centrex business this morning with its AT&T Voice DNA(SM) service. Interestingly, AT&T’s corporate parent SBC has been selling its own IP-Centrex offering for a few months now. The company says the service will have “all of the standard features of today’s business telephones in addition to advanced features.” In other words, nothing special when compared to other offerings, except maybe “quality of service” and “reliability.”