Shopping app Checkpoints drives product discovery

Shopping apps are like InMarket’s Checkpoints apps are becoming powerful discovery tools for brands looking to get the word out on their products. InMarket said 50 percent of its users discovered new products using the Checkpoints app in the fourth quarter last year.

Shopkick scored $110M for partners in 2011

Shopkick started putting all the pieces together with its location-based shopping app last year, helping retailers not only drive foot traffic and engagement, but also incentivizing purchases. The company said retailers and brand partners generated more than $110 million in revenue in 2011.

Shopkick teams with Visa to tie rewards to card purchases

Mobile shopping reward app Shopkick is realizing its full potential by tying into Visa’s payment processing network, helping close the loop on transactions and providing new incentives for users to make purchases. Users will now get rewarded not just for visiting a store but buying products.

Shopkick sets its sights on local merchants with free offer

Shopkick, a location-based deals and reward shopping app, is going local, offering merchants free hardware that integrates with its loyalty service. In a deal with Shopkick investor Citi, the company is offering free installation of Shopkick signal boxes at 1,000 stores owned by local merchants.

No Check-Ins Needed. Shopkick Sends You Deals From Your Couch

Shopkick is taking its audio check-in technology to television in a new deal with the CW that will allow Shopkick users to unlock deals when they use their app during commercials. The partnership shows how Shopkick can help brands connect their broadcast commercials to local transactions.

Appcelerator and PayPal Plan Mobile Commerce App Explosion

Appcelerator, which makes the Titanium mobile development platform, is working with PayPal to enable a potential deluge of mobile commerce apps from merchants looking to connect with smartphone savvy customers. The new product, called Titanium+Commerce, will enable many of the hottest ideas in mobile shopping.