This man wants to kill QR codes. Can he do it?

Advertisers and publishers have swarmed over QR codes as they try to add interactivity to analog media. Now the Swiss team behind retooled mobile app Shortcut hopes they can help make the black-and-white glyphs a thing of the past.

Tips & Tricks: What’s Your Alias?

Front Row Alias Icon Example

Aliases in Mac OS X are essentially equivalent to shortcuts in the Windows world. They work by creating a link to an original file located somewhere on your Mac or network and maintain the link even if the original is moved or renamed.

How to Create Aliases

Creating aliases is pretty easy. You can right-click on a file and select “Make Alias” or choose “Make Alias” from the File menu. Viola! You have created an alias, indicated by the shortcut arrow on the icon and the word “alias” appended to the end of the file name.

If you want to create an alias and not have it include “alias” at the end, you can do so by holding down the command and option keys while dragging the desired file to a new location other than the original. Read More about Tips & Tricks: What’s Your Alias?