Microsoft’s Halo series may actually come to Showtime first

Microsoft’s (S MSFT) biggest foray into exclusive content may actually not be all that exclusive: The company is negotiating with Showtime about a partnership for its Steven Spielberg-produced Halo TV show, according to a Variety report. The deal could lead to episodes of the show first airing on Showtime, and then making their way to the Xbox, where Microsoft wants to add interactive features – something Microsoft executives somehow forgot to mention during a recent press event focused on their original content efforts.

Report: 17% of HBO users considering switch to Netflix

Research firm Parks Associates finds that nearly one-fifth of premium cable subscribers would consider switching their entertainment dollars to Netflix. And 16 percent of cable/satellite subscribers would consider subscription video-on-demand over their pay TV provider’s VOD service. launches to become your DVR in the cloud

After a few months in private beta, social video recommendations site has publicly launched with new features, including the ability to help users organize and keep track of the TV shows and movies they love. It’s also added Comcast’s as a content partner.

Netflix is bidding for Arrested Development comeback

Netflix is bidding for the rights to an upcoming Arrested Development TV comeback: The cult show will return to the TV screen for ten more episodes, and Netflix wants to outbid Showtime and others to show it exclusively to its subscribers.

Online video finally chipping away at broadcast TV

A quarter of people in countries with access to high-speed broadband are streaming their television, although more than 80 percent are also still watching broadcast television as well. According to data from Ericsson, fewer people are watching broadcast TV while Internet-options are on the rise.

Dexter returns to Netflix streaming, but not in the US

Back episodes of Showtime series Dexter and Californication will be returning to Netflix’s streaming library, thanks to a new deal with CBS. But U.S. fans won’t be able to view them, as the rights are for Canada and Netflix’s new Latin America markets.