MagicJack’s Next Act: Femtos, Softphones, and…an IPO?


Amongst all the burning wrecks of the voice over IP startup scene, is it possible that a $40 device hawked on late-night TV may be emerging as one of the biggest VoIP success stories ever? If you believe founder Dan Borislow, that is what is happening with his idea called MagicJack, a simple USB-based VoIP device that Borislow claims will generate $100 million in revenue this year, a market momentum that may spark an initial public offering to help fund his ambitious expansion plans. Read More about MagicJack’s Next Act: Femtos, Softphones, and…an IPO?

Xohm Delay Spells Trouble for Sprint, Not WiMax

Sprint’s delay in launching its Xohm WiMAX service will cause problems for the carrier, but shouldn’t be read as the demise of WiMAX as a 4G mobile broadband standard, according to the inaugural report issued by Sidecut Reports. Sidecut is a research firm headed by Paul Kapustka, the former managing editor for GigaOM.

Kapustka points out the technology’s growth in developing countries that are building out new infrastructure, as well as its potential as a possible alternative to copper for competitive local exchange carriers. So while WiMAX may not be big in the U.S., if Sprint can’t get Xohm up before the other carriers launch their 4G LTE networks, the technology itself should still prove attractive around the rest of the world, according to the report.