MobileTechRoundup Podcast 237

Join Matt and Kevin for the live podcast where they’ll discuss the latest mobile tech news and share hands on impressions of new gadgets. The Sidekick 4G is in hand, but is it a hit? Find out and participate in the live chat room!

Microsoft Pink Coming Soon?

Microsoft is throwing a party for the media and it is widely speculated the guest of honor will be the two “Pink” phones the company has been working on for a good while. Microsoft bought the Sidekick folks and that team is producing Pink internally.

Heroku Growth Tells Cloud Story, Not Sidekick Data Losses

Despite all the criticism being bandied about in the IT press, cloud computing appears to be doing just fine. Yes, it needs to be more secure, reliability needs to improve, it needs a better definition and Microsoft definitely should not have lost all that Sidekick data (even though it eventually was recovered), but there are plenty of users who do not view the cloud as the pariah it is made out to be.

Microsoft: Most Lost Sidekick Data Almost Restored

Old-fashioned folks would call it closing the barn after the horse has bolted. Young people are going to call it “whatever.” I just call it too little, too late. Microsoft (s MSFT) says it has restored recovered most, if not all, of the data of the Sidekick-using customers of T-Mobile. Last Friday a data wipeout left thousands of Sidekick users without any access to their data that was stored in Microsoft’s data centers.

In a statement, Roz Ho, corporate VP of premium mobile experiences at Microsoft, said that company is about to start restoring people’s personal data, starting with personal contacts. Why is it too little, too late? There has been an exodus of customers away from the Danger’s Sidekick device and many class action lawsuits have been filed against Microsoft. I believe Microsoft’s $500 million purchase of Danger has gone up in smoke. Read More about Microsoft: Most Lost Sidekick Data Almost Restored

Today in Mobile

The industry is still buzzing about the weekend’s news that T-Mobile USA and Microsoft managed to lose the data of T-Mo’s Sidekick users. The Sidekick’s automatic-syncing function is one of the device’s most attractive features — at least, in theory — allowing users to compile personal data and record their communications simply by using the device. But the astonishing fumble illustrates the danger (pardon the pun) of leaning too heavily on cloud-based services.

Microsoft Mobile’s Worst Week Ever

the_worst_week_of_my_life_uk-show.jpgIf you are a fan of the BBC, then odds are that you have seen the dark and comical series, “The Worst Week Ever of My Life.” It is the story of Sam Briggs, a man who wants to impress his bride-to-be’s family. And as one would expect, bad luck and hilarity follow him. I wonder if the guys in charge of Microsoft Mobile feel like Briggs after the week they just had. Upon launch, Windows Mobile 6.5 couldn’t have received worse reviews. Some of them are so mean that even I am feeling bad for Ma Windows. Here is a sample of what folks said about WinMo 6.5. Read More about Microsoft Mobile’s Worst Week Ever