Signal secure comms app for iPhone gains TextSecure compatibility

Open Whisper Systems has released version 2 of its Signal secure calling app for iPhone. This is an important iteration, as it introduces secure text messaging that’s compatible with the outfit’s TextSecure app for Android — for now, Open Whisper Systems’ secure voice app for Android, RedPhone, remains separate from that, though everything will come together later this year in a Signal app that works across iOS, Android and the desktop. As secure communications operations go, Open Whisper Systems has good credibility, offering end-to-end crypto, auditable open-source code and decent identity verification. The TextSecure protocol has also found its way into WhatsApp, which is why Android-toting users of that Facebook-owned messaging app enjoy extra security these days.

Free Case Program Ending…Except It’s Not

Back when Apple announced the free case program for iPhone 4 at a special press event in July 2010, the September 30 end date seemed far away. Now, that day doesn’t seem very far away at all, and Apple’s made clear what’s going to happen.

Apple Says Signal Strength is Just a Software Issue, But is It?

Apple heralds that the iPhone 4 launch has been the most successful product launch ever, but in the past week since it first went on sale, reviews across the world have remarked on issues of signal quality. Apple says it’s a software issue, but is it?

Keeping Tabs on Your Wi-Fi

If you find yourself using Wi-Fi more and more frequently, you’re not alone. As the numbers here show, business use of hotspots is growing very rapidly, and home Wi-Fi networks are key tools for many web workers. Do you monitor the Wi-Fi performance you’re getting, though?

If you tend to “set it and forget it,” it’s worth checking in on your actual Wi-Fi performance whether you’re in public or using your own network. Here are a couple of free tools that make this easy.

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Forrester: Get More Ads in Online TV, Stat

TV networks need to amp up advertising in their online streaming, and do it fast, says Forrester analyst James McQuivey in a new, very savvy research report. He posits that online streaming of TV-like content is only going to increase, so networks should start setting expectations for more advertising now in order to avoid a backlash later.

McQuivey says that since hit TV shows can get a 50 percent premium on online CPMs vs. broadcast, they should just go ahead and sell those spots (we’ll see if it’s quite that easy once the dust settles on this week’s upfronts). Online ads can also be required viewing, unable to be skipped over, he notes. Plus they stand out more because there aren’t too many other ads cluttering viewer’s experience (until his advice takes hold, that is).

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OptoElectronics Market $25 billion in 5 years

The demand for opto-electronic components is going to top $25 billion in five years. The market for opto-electronic components was estimated at $9 billion in 2003. These are the findings of the third edition of the ‘Strategic Study of the Worldwide Semiconductor Optoelectronic Component Industry to 2008.’ The growth in demand for these components is going to come despite slow down in the communications related demand. The market for LEDs of all types will continue to see some of the best growth in the opto market. The annual growth rate will be 23% from a 2003 market of US$3.5 billion to US$9.9 billion by 2008.