Silicon Labs to buy Ember for $72M for Internet of things

The over a decade-old company that makes the building blocks — chips, gear and software — for ZigBee-based wireless networks is finally being acquired. Austin-based chip company Silicon Labs announced on Monday that it has acquired Boston-based Ember for $72 million.

Affordable Austin: No Longer a Tech Mecca

iStock_000000398202XSmallAustin is among the places that people are flocking to in the recession, according to BusinessWeek. Other magazines have given Austin (and all of Texas) similar praise, mostly because it’s so darn cheap to live here. But I don’t want to lie to y’all — Austin may not be the best place to build your tech startup. Or even look for that great tech job. It’s not that I don’t want more transplants coming here (I work from home, so traffic woes don’t stress me out, and more tapas bars downtown are always a good thing), but Austin has gone downhill as a tech town. Read More about Affordable Austin: No Longer a Tech Mecca