Intel promises bigger, faster chips and silicon photonics for HPC

Intel on Monday announced a new brawny HPC processor and a family of network fabric components that incorporates silicon photonics technology. The new chip, the next-generation of the Xeon Phi family, comes with up to 16 gigabytes of high-performance memory and more than 60 computing cores. The fabric lineup, called Omni Scale will include PCIe adapters, switches and software, as well as director switches that replace electrical transceivers with silicon photonics for improved speed and fewer cables. Intel is promising better performance and greater efficiency with the new tech — something it might need considering the introduction of ARM-plus-GPU-based chips into the HPC market that Intel presently dominates.


Compass-EOS, gets another $42M to rethink routers

Compass-EOS is an Israeli company that is trying to rethink routing. It has invented a new optical chip to do that. And all that means it has needed money – about $160 million in total, of which $42 million came just recently.

The data center gets its first 100 Gbps optical chip

Luxtera has developed an optical chip for the data center market that can achieve speeds of more than 100 gigabits per second. That’s the same speed delivered by long-haul networks under the sea, but now harnessed to move big data and deliver cloud computing.