John Doerr says Google is designing its own chips and Facebook is next

According to venture legend John Doerr, Google is designing its own silicon for its data centers. But he stopped short of confirming rumors that the search giant was designing ARM-based chips as was reported in December. Doerr, speaking at a chip conference, also said that Facebook would be next. He’s right. Computing is the primary cost for Google, Amazon Web Services and Facebook and designing their own silicon could lower that cost. And thanks to more modular designs and advances in the ARM architecture, the cost of designing custom chips has fallen into a range where the benefits outweigh design costs.

Qualcomm wants to power the apps in your car’s dashboard

Qualcomm’s(s qcom) Snapdragon processors are already the dominant app engines in smartphones and tablets, but the company is now targeting a much larger device: the automobile. The silicon vendor announced at CES on Monday that it has developed an automotive-grade version of Snapdragon for the connected car infotainment system. The 602A chip includes a quad-core CPU, Adreno 320 GPU and additional multimedia and communication cores designed for the unique use case of the car. Qualcomm isn’t the only chipmaker that sees big opportunity in the automotive industry. Nvidia(s nvda) has also been pursuing the vehicle infotainment space aggressively.

Qualcomm names Steve Mollenkopf as CEO

Qualcomm is promoting its new CEO from within, handing the reins to 20-year executive Steve Mollenkopf, who has headed up Qualcomm’s core semiconductor group and most recently served as COO.