Introducing a big data prediction engine for the power grid

AutoGrid, a startup that’s developed a big data analytics engine for energy, officially launched on Monday and unveiled its first product, and its first two customers. Picture if you took Netflix or Amazon’s recommendation engines and used them for utilities’ energy data.

Smart grid VC funding has been “extremely weak”

Investments by venture capitalists into smart grid companies — or firms that are adding digital intelligence to the power grid — has remained “extremely weak” over at least the last three quarters, according to research firm the Mercom Capital Group.

Silver Spring Networks still chugging along

Despite that smart grid network company Silver Spring Networks has yet to go public, the company is chugging along and had a pretty good quarter, according to the latest amendment to its S-1.

The next hot smart grid market: Brazil

With its booming economy, growing middle class and investments in city infrastructure, Brazil is looking to be the next hot market for smart grid development.