Microsoft readies Silverlight for Xbox Live update

Microsoft is targeting a Black Friday release of its Xbox Live update, which will add apps from the likes of Comcast, Verizon and HBO. But the code that those apps will run on, which is a modified version of Silverlight, is still being finalized.

Silverlight: Not Dead Yet

The rumors of Silverlight’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Today, Microsoft released the latest version of its rich Internet application development platform, with improved power management and DRM support. While Silverlgiht 5 adds 40 new features, updated features pale in comparison to previous versions.

Moonlight: Silverlight for Linux Gets Hardware Acceleration

The best hardware acceleration for Microsoft’s Silverlight… runs on Linux? Developers of the open source Moonlight adaptation of Silverlight have just brought the ability to utilize GPU processing for 3-D rendering and video playback to the platform, and it apparently performs better than the original version.

Vid-Biz: TiVo, AOL, Silverlight

Today on the Net: TiVo continues to lose users and is down to 2.3 million subscribers, AOL has created a new video division led by 5min CEO Ran Harnevo and Microsoft is looking to add Silverlight to the Xbox 360 for app development.

Microsoft Giving Up On Silverlight, Joining HTML5 Party

We have further confirmation that Microsoft is giving up on its Silverlight rich Internet application platform. Bob Muglia, Microsoft’s president in charge of server and tools, told ZDNet the company is “shifting away” from Silverlight as a cross-platform development framework, and pushing HTML5 instead.

In Flash-HTML5 Battle, Silverlight Is the Big Loser

While Apple and Adobe bicker over whether HTML5 or Flash is the best platform for delivery of video, games and other interactive applications, Silverlight gets nary a mention — even from its own team. And Microsoft itself is moving to HTML5 for many of its products.

Sunday Night Football Stats: 2.2M Uniques Watching 29 Minutes Apiece

These numbers are in late, but better late than never. According to a recent post on the Silverlight Blog, NBC Sports (s GE) had more than 2.2 million unique viewers streaming Sunday Night Football games during the 2009 season.
With 17 games over the course of the season, that comes out to about 130,000 viewers per game, with a peak of 38,500 simultaneous users. That might not seem like a lot of viewers, but those that did tune in to stream the game watched a lot of football — an average of 29 minutes per viewer, which the Silverlight team says is about 24 minutes longer than the average viewing time on broadcast TV.
In comparison, the CBS Sports (s CBS) presentation of March Madness on Demand — which included all 63 games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — pulled in a total of 8.3 million uniques and 11.7 million hours of video viewed over the course of the four-week tourney.
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Vid-Biz: YouTube, Canoe, Silverlight 4

Is YouTube’s Safety Mode Safe? Not Very; Google released Safety Mode on YouTube in February, but unfortunately the filter didn’t work. (NY Times Gadgetwise Blog)
NBCU Profit Dips in Q1; NBC Universal recorded a 49% fall in profit in the first quarter to $199 million. (Multichannel News)
Canoe Hires Analytics Guru; the advanced-advertising joint venture appointed Madison Avenue metrics maven Gerard Broussard to the newly created position of vice president of research and analytics. (Multichannel News)
Redstone Extends Viacom CEO Dauman’s Gig Through 2016; following an extension that keeps Les Moonves at CBS through 2015, Sumner Redstone has locked in Philippe Dauman as CEO of Viacom through 2016. (paidContent)
Microsoft Ships Silverlight 4; Microsoft has made the Silverlight 4 plugin available for download at, and will deliver a release candidate of Expression Blend compatible with the new version of Silverlight. (eWeek)
Univision Launches Soccer App for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch; the digital division of US Spanish-language broadcaster announced that it has launched a free, video-enabled soccer application, called Univision Futbol. (InteractiveTV Today)
Widevine Selects Arxan to Secure Digital Entertainment; Widevine has licensed Arxan’s Application Hardening and Key Protection Solutions for its multiplatform DRM platform. (press release)

Silverlight Gets Video Ad Support

Here’s more validation that Microsoft (s MSFT) Silverlight might finally have passed a tipping point as a video delivery platform — with announcements from YuMe and EyeWonder, it now has advanced ad support for publishers that want tools to monetize their video ads using the rich Internet application framework.
YuMe yesterday announced that added support for Silverlight, making its ACE video ad platform and ad network compatible for publishers that wish to use it for placing ads against their video content. To support Silverlight, YuMe transcodes any ads into every player format that is supported by the unit, so even if an ad is made in Adobe (s ADBE) Flash — like most ads are — it can be served against Silverlight video.
Not all units can be served in Silverlight, as some advanced creative can still only be used in Flash. But a YuMe spokesperson says that pre-rolls, post-rolls and mid-rolls can all be served against Silverlight content, which includes about 80 percent of the ad network’s inventory. Separately, if a publisher just wanted to use the ACE platform to manage its own ads in Silverlight, it can do so without joining the YuMe ad network. Read More about Silverlight Gets Video Ad Support