Microsoft vs. Adobe: The Rivalry Heats Up

Want to watch a great boxing match? Just take a seat and watch the back-and-forth between Adobe Systems and Microsoft. I wrote about this fight-without-an-end last year, but now it seems the punches are being thrown with more intensity.

No surprise: Like two aging gladiators, the two software companies have managed to outlive and beat most of their peers. At face value, the fight is about Flash vs. Silverlight. Look deeper and the tussle is over not just online video but about cloud computing, rich Internet applications and mobile phones.

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Microsoft Gets a Piece of Move Networks

Microsoft is extending its strategic relationship with Move Networks by adding an undisclosed amount of funding to the startup’s $46 million Series C round.

Move already has a five-month-old deal to be bundled with downloads of Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash competitor. At this rate, how long before Microsoft buys Move?

Following the investment, the first joint deployment of Microsoft and Move is a live-streaming player of Democratic National Committee Convention coverage this week (see our comprehensive guide to online DNCC coverage here). Move wasn’t involved in Silverlight’s big Olympics deal with NBC.

Move said as part of the Microsoft relationship it would now support Windows Server-based encoding, Microsoft codecs and Silverlight DRM.

Disclosure: Move has been a sponsor of NewTeeVee events.

Olympics Video Player Debuts

The summer games are just a little over a month away, but you can start catching Olympic fever online now, thanks to the new video player on With more than 2,200 hours of live footage being streamed from the event, the new player offers a host of features that will literally let you catch all the action (though some of it will be delayed).

To try it out, visit and click on video. It’ll bring up the standard player, but you need to switch over to the Enhanced Player to get the new goodies.

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