Vid-Biz: Comcast, uTorrent 2.0, Simpsons

Comcast/NBCU Announcement This Week? Two sides have reportedly reached a tentative deal wherein the cable company would own 51 percent of NBC Universal. (The New York Times)
uTorrent 2.0 to Be a Network Friendly BitTorrent Protocol; will eliminate the need for ISPs to throttle BitTorrent traffic because the protocol will be network-aware and will throttle itself. (TorrentFreak)
FOX to Do On-Air Scavenger Hunt for The Simpsons; during the week of Nov. 9 – 13, viewers can watch for Simpsons shout-outs, tributes and clues, and enter to win a prize package. (TV by the Numbers)
TV Networks Tuning In to Google Video Box Ads; the ad, which brings up video when clicked on, being used by The CW, ABC, and USA. (MediaWeek)
FiOS TV Growth Slowing Down; telco added 191,000 video subscribers, and is now at 2.7 million overall. (Multichannel News)
Can Twitter and Social Marketing Save the Movies? Revision3 CEO says his company was able to help Paranormal Activity become a hit by using social media in conjunction with Rev3’s shows and talent. (Jim Louderback)

D’oh! Simpsons Worth More on Hulu Than on FOX

Homer2Having a loyal, attentive audience is paying off for premium video content portals like Hulu and in the form of higher CPMs than what the networks are getting.

Bloomberg reports that for the recently concluded TV season, for the first time, ads presented during shows like The Simpsons and CSI are getting higher ad rates online than they are on TV. Citing a recent report from Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Michael Nathanson, Bloomberg writes that The Simpsons got a $60 CPM on Hulu. A typical prime-time ad on television carries a $20-$40 CPM.

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Vid-Biz: CBSSports, YouTube, “Mapple” to Stream SEC Basketball Games Live; select games from the 2008-2009 SEC College Basketball regular season to be shown live online starting Dec. 13. (emailed release)

YouTube Launches Abuse and Safety Center; will focus on providing tips and multimedia resources for dealing with cyberbullying, online harassment and hate content. (YouTube Blog)

Simpsons “Mapple” Clip Generates Nearly 2 Million Plays; the TV show attracted 8 million viewers, while the actual MacBook green ad that appeared during the episode only did 230,000 plays online. (Visible Measures Blog) and CNET to Merge Newsrooms; still no word on layoffs or how the web sites will be altered. (paidContent)

Discovery Doesn’t Believe in Long-form Content Online; speaking at a UBS conference, the CEO says there is no business model to support longer shows yet. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Joost Pops Up on DivX Set-Top Box; plug-in allows you to watch video from the web TV platform on your television set. (ZatzNotFunny!)

Create a Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub; contest asks you to lip-synch your version of the “Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous.” (

Vid-Biz: Baofeng, FeedRoom, Top Searches

Baofeng Gets $15 Million; Chinese video software company that is “like the Brightcove of China” gets funding round led by Matrix Partners China and IDG. (paidContent)

The FeedRoom Acquires ClearStory; white label video provider completes acquisition of digital asset management firm. (emailed release)

Will.I.Am Tops Truveo’s Most-Searched List; Yes We Can the most searched for viral video of 2008, Obama’s victory speech most searched live video moment. (Truveo)

MediaFLO Looking to Expand its Mobile TV; company expects to get a boost from the digital TV transition and is mulling moves to other platforms as well as branded channels like Victoria’s Secret TV. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Actor’s Strike Won’t Impact OldTeeVee Like the Writers’ Strike; many TV shows are covered under the AFTRA union, which already has a deal with the studios. (The L.A. Times)

VCs Still Investing in New Media Ventures; despite economic downturn, money still going to startups in the space, but investors want proof that revenue can be generated. (TVWeek)

The Simpsons Skewers Apple; Lisa falls for all things “Mapple” while Krusty complains you can’t watch movies on a screen that small. (The Apple Blog)

“Mapple” Lampoons the Cupertino Faithful on The Simpsons

Apple fans found their beloved company satirized Simpsons-style last night. The latest installment of the Fox cartoon featured a “Mapple” store in the beginning of the episode, a tech store where hip, young t-shirted employees take brand loyalty very seriously and display an inordinate amount of devotion to their bespectacled leader. Sound familiar?

The Mapple Store bears an uncanny resemblance to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, with the exception of being in Springfield’s Mall and not New York City. Lisa is amazed at the MyPods, MyPhones, and the Braniac Bar, where smug customer service representatives deal with Comic Book Guy’s complaints about the latest Mapple OS. Homer is intrigued by the dream-fueled, imagination-powered MyCube, whose function isn’t entirely clear, and which glows to show you that it’s not on.
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Love the Simpsons? Got Money?

D’oh! I just bought an iPod Touch and didn’t realize that I could get any iPod for only $50-$100 more than retail and have some sweet, sweet laser engraved Simpsons characters all over it. The laser engraving on the back of the iPods comes in three flavors: Bart SK8, Homer Tested, and Homer D’oh, shown below. You won’t find these at the Apple Store, though, you will have to go through the Fox/Simpsons store here.

This is a limited collector’s item that can be personalized with your name and will include a series number as well. That price point is a little rich for my blood, but marrying two of the greatest creations in the world is sure to be a winning combination at almost any price.

If you take the plunge, let us know and we will praise your geekiness high above our own.