What PaaS vendors can learn from the application server market

The traditional application server vendors are looking at ways to capitalize on the IP they’ve built over the last decade, and many of these vendors are logically positioned to lead the PaaS revolution. So let’s look at the promises that the PaaS players are making today, and ask whether PaaS is just an incarnation of the old application server.

Apprenda gets the hybrid cloud religion

Apprenda, a true believer in private Platform as a Service, is embracing the hybrid cloud with its latest release. CEO Sinclair Schuller said many companies are ready to test out at least some workloads in a public cloud.

Apprenda seeks to make private PaaS more practical

Apprenda, hopes to make private PaaSes more attractive to companies by giving developers access to a public instance of its Paas to experiment with, then pull in house, according to company CEO Sinclair Schuller.

Is multi-language PaaS really better? Not necessarily

As major PaaSes like Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud Foundry and Salesforce.com’s Heroku race to embrace multiple languages, a few like Apprenda say that’s exactly the wrong approach. Language-specific PaaSes are better able to exploit a company’s native applications and features, says Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuler.