British government bets big on open data for growth

The British government is gambling on the idea that greater access to public data will encourage economic growth — and resurrecting a plan it had previously killed to build a world-leading open data research center.

Sure, RSS Is Dead — Just Like the Web Is Dead

A brush fire has been swirling through the blogosphere of late over whether RSS is dead or possibly dying. But is it actually doomed, or even ailing? Not really. Like plenty of other technologies, it is just becoming part of the plumbing of the real-time web.

Berners-Lee Wants Free, Low-Bandwidth Mobile Data

Sir Tim Berners-Lee today used his Nokia World keynote address for outlining an agenda of increased global Internet access. Berners-Lee called for everyone to have free or minimal-cost, low-bandwidth access to data and alluded that Internet access could be a more important investment than hunger relief.