Motives and Possibilities for a Big Apple Acquisition

The tech industry has a new favorite sport: guessing who Apple will buy with its $50 billion-plus cash hoard. Since October 18, when Steve Jobs mentioned the company was keeping its powder dry for possible deals, speculation over potential Apple acquisitions has run rampant and even includes household names like Sony and Disney.

Sun Sets on Satellite, But Premium Radio Plays On

Martine Rothblatt, founder of the company that became Sirius XM Radio (s siri), earlier this week expressed doubts about Sirius in its current incarnation, saying that the “better time for satellite radio was 10 years ago.”  While I’ve long argued that Internet radio would surpass satellite radio with the adoption of broadband wireless, and while that is indeed becoming the case, it’s besides the point. Sirius need not be confined to delivering content via satellite.
Albert Cheng, EVP of digital media for Disney-ABC Television Group (s dis), noted on a panel discussion on Tuesday that “ABC thinks of itself as a multiplatform entertainment company, with numerous distribution avenues, not simply a traditional broadcaster any longer.” Sirius needs to embrace a similar approach. Read More about Sun Sets on Satellite, But Premium Radio Plays On