Kontagent gets $12M to keep score on the social web

Kontagent on Thursday announced it has raised $12 million in fresh venture funding, bringing the company’s total VC investment to $19.5 million. The company says it’ll put the new money toward R&D on deep tech such as big data processing and predictive analytics tools.

Prepare to fill one of 1.5M data-savvy manager jobs

The United States alone faces a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills. We are starting to understand the value of being data-savvy and how different kinds of data can be used to influence behavior and improve organizational policies and practices.

Polaris: Great for Quick Views of Google Analytics Metrics

Google (s goog) has recently opened up its API for Google Analytics, which promises to usher in lots of useful applications and widgets for those of us who rely on it for monitoring site traffic metrics. One of the first of these, Polaris, is an easy to use widget that you can keep right on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop for slicing and dicing Google Analytics data. I installed it in less than five minutes and although it doesn’t add new statistics to the metrics Google supplies, it’s very easy to flip in and out of, and handy to have.

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