The fall of SAY Media is a sign the barbell effect is increasing

SAY Media, created when video-content company VideoEgg acquired blog-software provider Six Apart in 2010, says it is selling off its media properties — the latest example of a company getting squeezed by the bifurcation of the online advertising market

Six Apart Deal With VideoEgg Marks the End of an Era

After denying rumors of a deal, blogging platform Six Apart and advertising network VideoEgg have confirmed they are merging to create a new social-media company called SAY Media. It’s the end of one of the early pioneers of the blogging world as a standalone entity.

Squarespace Gets $38M to Compete With WordPress and Six Apart

Squarespace, a hosted-content publishing service that competes with companies such as WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous, has closed a $38-million financing round from Accel Partners and Index Ventures. The investment — the company’s first — could ratchet up the level of competition in the online publishing industry.

Six Apart and Pownce: Micro-blogging FTW?

pownceThe closure of Pownce, which was announced Monday via posts by co-founder Leah Culver and her new employer, blog software company Six Apart, didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s followed Pownce since its launch last year. Despite help from co-founders like Kevin Rose of Digg and usability guru Daniel Burka, the service never really found an audience, or at least not one big enough to make a go of it. In the end, Pownce was just too much like Twitter (and Jaiku and Plurk, for that matter); the added features it had — including the ability to transfer files — weren’t enough to set it apart in people’s minds, much less turn it into a must-have utility. Read More about Six Apart and Pownce: Micro-blogging FTW?