LTE iPhone coming soon? Korean carriers are talking about it

Two Korean iPhone carriers are reportedly in talks with Apple to include LTE radios in the next iPhone. LTE is booming in Korea and the carriers want to be able to add to those subscriber numbers instead of investing in older networks.

When good tech ideas go bad

Sometimes tech trends end up disrupting huge industries, like when the idea of Skype and free web calls, collided with the phone companies. However, sometimes tech ideas have all the makings of these kind of disruptions but ultimately end up flaming out. Here’s why:

Today in Cleantech

The march of Asian giants into smart grid continues. On Friday, Hitachi and Panasonic announced a “cooperative relationship in the smart community-related business,” linking Hitachi’s community energy management systems — technology for integrating renewable and distributed power resources into community grids (pdf) — with Panasonic’s strengths in the home energy management field. It’s the latest in a string of moves by Asian tech giants into cross-cutting smart grid efforts. A few examples: a Japanese partnership including Toshiba, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Tokyo Gas Co. is building a smart grid project in New Mexico; South Korean companies including LG Chem, SK Telecom and KT are doing a similar project on the Korean island of Jeju; and Samsung has laid out a green plan that links solar power with energy storage for vehicles and the grid.