To the BBC and others: Twitter is not your competition

The BBC has issued a new directive to its journalists telling them they must post updates to editors first rather than breaking news on Twitter, another example of how traditional media entities are struggling with their relationship to Twitter in an era of real-time, distributed news.

Sky News joins the anti-social media brigade

A new policy from Sky News bars reporters from posting anything other than work-related content on Twitter, and even forbids them from retweeting anything that doesn’t come from a Sky account. As with so many other similar policies, this completely misses the point of social media.

Oh No! Ono Lets Slip: Beatles Music to Be on iTunes…Maybe

For a very brief time yesterday, Sky News reported that, finally, The Beatles would make their musical debut on iTunes. The source for the report? None other than Yoko Ono herself. But don’t go fire up iTunes too soon; both the Sky News report and Google’s (s goog) own cache have quickly, and quietly, been pulled from the web. Quite an achievement, really.

According to TechCrunch, the headline made the unequivocal claim, “The whole of the Beatles back catalogue will be made available to buy on iTunes, Ono has told Sky News.”
The URL for Sky’s report is still to be found on Google, but now the web page awaiting hopeful Fab Four fans sports a rather glum “Error” message from Sky. So what happened? Read More about Oh No! Ono Lets Slip: Beatles Music to Be on iTunes…Maybe